Working Memory and Academic Learning: Assessment and Intervention

This workshop begins by explaining working memory subprocesses: phonological/verbal, visual/spatial, and executive. Research-established relationships between working memory and different types of academic learning are emphasized, followed by recommendations for assessing working memory through observations, rating scales, cognitive tests, and memory scales. The remainder of the workshop focuses on strategies and interventions, as well as effective instructional principles that support the working memory limitations of all learners.

Expected Learning Outcomes 

Participants will be able to:

  1. Define and describe the dimensions of working memory and its role in cognitive processing.
  2. Identify the relationships working memory has with reading, mathematics, and written language.
  3. Explain how several standardized instruments can be used to assess working memory.
  4. Identify some research-based effective strategies and interventions for working memory deficiencies.


About Dr. Dehn:

 Milton Dehn, Ed.D., NCSP, is a internationally recognized speaker on cognitive processing assessment, working memory, and childrenís memory impairments. Dr. Dehnís career has been divided between university teaching in a graduate school psychology program and practicing school psychology in schools and a private practice setting. He is also the co-founder and program director of Schoolhouse Tutoring, an agency that provides tutoring and remedial instruction for children with learning and memory problems. Dr. Dehn is the author of Essentials of Processing Assessment, Working Memory and Academic Learning: Assessment and Intervention, and Long-Term Memory Problems in Children and Adolescents: Assessment, Intervention, and Effective Instruction.

For more information contact: Schoolhouse Educational Services, Paula Dehn, Coordinator mdehn@msn.com ● 608-787-5636

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